Billing and revenue measurement solutions include multiple energy meters, multiple communication platforms, and comprehensive management software.
Sub-tenant billing is common in various facilities such as apartments, student dormitories, shopping centers, and data centers. Complete system control solutions, and Time of Use (TOU) energy measurement and Invoice management complete.
In addition, it supports billing all types of energy, such as Electricity, Water, Gas, AC, and Steam. Like any other product, electric power is characterized by quality. Power quality analysis is beneficial to electric utilities as it enables continuous monitoring, early excursion detection, root cause analysis, and timely corrective actions that improve overall network reliability.
Power quality also appeals to major energy consumers to minimize the number of power quality events and avoid costly equipment failures. Therefore, the shared interest between energy suppliers & energy consumers in power quality motivates the use of high-performance power quality analyzers and recorders for dispute resolution.
If you can't measure it – you can't improve it!
The first and most important step for any energy saving and energy efficiency improvement is knowing the existing consumption. Various studies, as well as field installations, show that the average savings from monitoring the energy level of the appliance can be up to 30%, with an average savings of 12%.
Another solution that we provide is energy rental provider services. Our partners will get a good Power Quality Assurance, can find out power quality events in real time through a digital communication platform.
Lightning occurs because there is a potential difference between the cloud and the earth or with other clouds. The process of the occurrence of charge on the cloud because it moves continuously regularly and during its movement it will interact with other clouds so that negative charges will gather on one side (up or down), while positive charges gather on the opposite side. If the potential difference between the cloud and the earth is large enough, there will be a discharge of negative charges (electrons) from the cloud to the earth or vice versa to reach equilibrium. In this discharge process, the medium through which electrons pass is air.
When electrons are able to penetrate the air insulation threshold, a sound explosion occurs. Lightning is more common in the rainy season, because in that condition the air contains a higher water content so that the insulation power drops and the current flows more easily. Because there are negatively charged clouds and positively charged clouds, lightning can also occur between clouds of different charges.
What's the solution? The solution is to carry out atmospheric passive electron charge collection as well as clean the charge atmosphere from the formation of Lightning.
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